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[Asahina sets up generic decorations around the cafeteria] [Balloons, streamers, a piƱata and the obligatory box(es) of donuts]

[Asahina's present is a box of pencils with uplifting messages printed on them. "you're the star" "you can do it" ect]
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[Asahina trots into the locker room by the pool, tossing her duffel bag into a locker and changing quickly before emerging with a towel rolled up under one arm and her deflated donut floatie under the other]

*climbs up the lifeguard stand and begins to inflate her floatie to pass the time until Gundam and Ishimaru arrive*
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Happy Birthday Supreme Gang Leader Sir! I hope you have lots of fun today and get lots of presents!

*aoi's gift is a gift card to mcdonalds*

*aoi also brought donuts*

*starts setting them on the table and hanging decorations*
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It's nice to meet you all! I'm Aoi Asahina, and I'm a SHSL Swimmer! I'm no good with names, but I'll do my best to remember it.

If you need help with anything let me know!
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((original png from roxylovejoejonas on deviantart no way was i gonna be up all night makin donuts transparent))

Here they are! Oowada didn't tell me what he wanted so I just put some corn on it. I hope everyone likes them!
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